red glow

red glow
coloración roja del cielo, radiación roja, arrebol.

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  • glow — (v.) O.E. glowan to glow, shine as if red hot, from P.Gmc. base *glo (Cf. O.S. gloian, O.Fris. gled glow, blaze, O.N. gloa, O.H.G. gluoen, Ger. glühen to glow ), from PIE *ghel (see GLASS (Cf. glass)). Figuratively from late 14c …   Etymology dictionary

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  • glow — [glō] vi. [ME glowen < OE glowan, akin to Ger glühen < IE * ghlō < base * ĝhel , to shine > GOLD, GLEAM, YELLOW, Gr chlōros, light green] 1. to give off a bright light as a result of great heat; be incandescent or red hot 2. to give… …   English World dictionary

  • glow´ing|ly — glow|ing «GLOH ihng», adjective. 1. shining from something that is red hot or white hot. SYNONYM(S): incandescent, luminous. 2. bright: »glowing colors. 3. rich and warm in coloring: »glowing cheeks. Twelve days in the sun had given him a glowing …   Useful english dictionary